We take this opportunity to thank every client who took the time to comment on his/her experience. Your testimony is of great value to us. It is a powerful tool towards even bigger achievements. We take the pleasure in rotating statements collected every now and again from precious customers. By doing so we hope we can allow our potential future clients to approach us with confidence.

Shereen Nannis
For & on behalf of Noelli’s

We used Noelli's to help organise and supply bonbonnieres to our twins christening that we held at the Roehampton Club, London. Shereen was wonderful and a pleasure to work with from the start. She took time to go through countless bonbonniere options and helped us make something special and unique. 

Shereen also helped us organise the day; liaising on our behalf with the venue and preparing the room with beautiful floral and balloon displays. She took a lot of pressure out of the day - very important when you have 10 week old twins!! 

I can wholeheartedly recommend her. 

Georgina Jenkins
London SW13

Working with Shereen of Noellie's on my wedding requirements was a real pleasure. You are made to feel very welcome and treated as a friend not a customer. Shereen puts all her time and effort 100% into a job and ensures customer satisfaction . I was extremely happy with the end result and would go to Noellies for all future events
On Wednesday, 9 April 2014, 15:08

Selwa Kazwini Hassassian
London W4

"Thank you Noelli's for making our big day a dream come true. Our wedding took place summer 2012. Before our big day we were searching for places, tired, stressed and worried ; we couldn't think straight anymore. We really wanted to make it special, so we decided to hire a professional to help us out. We then made a contract with Noelli's, what a relief! First we were given many ideas and options, then we visited together several Venus for our reception … five star hotels, ballrooms, golf clubs, gardens, marquees ... After all that, we ended up in The London Ealing Hotel (which is now the Hilton double tree).The choice of the venue was made by our family and We weren’t too happy with it, especially after having viewed so many nicer places, through Noellis. We had no choice as parents were involved and out of respect we agreed. Shereen calmed us down a lot and promised she would create heaven out of the humble ballroom. So we left everything up to Noelli's.

On the day, after the registration we head back to the hotel. Once we entered the venue, OMG! it was a dream. The way it was decorated, the lightning, the colours. It was amazing how this place was transformed into such glamour & pure luxury. Everyone was talking about it for months. photos were all over Facebook. I think they somehow forgot about the bride and groom lol. Few of the guests who new the room even thought that the venue was newly refurbished. We were so blessed to have Noelli's and highly recommend them to Brides and Grooms who want to have peace of mind knowing their big day will be perfect.

A team from Noelli’s was present all throughout the celebration ensuring that all was under control. I can only describe the end result as Classy, luxurious and romantic 

Mr & Mrs Alan
London W5

Dear Shereen I have only witnessed the best of service, excellent product and great devotion … very good news, good luck from spain

Hayat Sanbar
London SW3

This is to certify that Mrs Sheeren Nannis the owner/director of Noellis proved to be very reliable and responsible when she accepted to take full organisation of my belated father’s memorial, at such short notice. The event took place at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge.

I asked her to manage the whole event for us, she acted upon my request, without hesitation, even though we had very little time. She delivered with perfection and she was fully in charge to the finest detail including all the correspondence and emails.

She helped choose the right food for the occasion and was personally there all the time taking care of the food presentation, efficiency of service, I did not have to worry one bit. Decoration was elegantly displayed and was most suitable for the occasion. A shrine was beautifully erected at the ballroom of the jumeirah Carlton Tower holding My Dad’s photo, flowers, candles & messages.

To summarise, Noelli’s made it a stress free function for me and I thank Shereen very much for all her efforts and devotion to her work, I will certainly use Noelli’s again.

Lilian Toma
London SW15

I have never written any testimonials before, even though I have been asked numerous times to do so. However, when I was asked by Noelli’s if I would write few words expressing my thoughts, I immediately said yes without any hesitation whatsoever. Simply, because it’s the only company that have scored perfectly every time we used their products and services. They are, without a doubt, second to none.

What’s also unique about Noelli’s, is their consistency. The first time I was introduced to the company was almost Twenty years ago. Since then, I, family and friends have used Noelli’s for various occasions: Weddings, Christenings, Holy Communions and also in times of bereavement when they organized a memorial service. On every occasion, and every time, the delivery of their services, the quality of their products and the whole organization was completely bespoke. Such endless consistency is what sets Noelli’s apart, and it’s the very reason that I kept using them time and time again for years. The company gets my vote every time.

London W14

I work as a banker in Monaco. I was casually mentioning to Shereen who is the proprietor of Noellis my need to make a client feel special at his upcoming Birthday and I was thinking along side what gift to buy him or his family. Shereen came up with the idea of organizing a special surprise Birthday Party, the idea of which, I found appealing and original

I could not believe the level of efficiency and speed with which the work got done, taking into consideration that 70% of the work was initiated from Noelli’s base in London using Internet and telecommunication tools. It is indeed a party well remembered and enjoyed by everyone. I am only left with one problem! After that glamorous celebration, no present I will give my client will look as good.

Prior to the above, I had approached Noelli’s for an order of 200 personalised bonbonnieres for a wedding of a fellow banker in London. This was my special Wedding gift to the bride. With Shereen’s help, I made a selection from the company’s website. The order was delivered directly to the wedding venue in Kingston and was admired by most guests on the big day. I was made proud by the compliments I received from the people.

For both occasions listed above, I record my sincere gratitude for the professionalism that Noelli’s offers and I will not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.

I am currently in the process of making a choice for another bonbonniere order for a big wedding in London. This will be my gift to the bride & groom; most importantly, it will be a gift remembered by all guests. I have peace of mind that I am in the hands of the best and my order is only a phone call away.


Dear Noellis, Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication you gave to us for the bonbonnieres for our wedding and my son's baby shower.

The bonbonnieres we ordered from you were beautiful, it was so hard to chose one from your huge selection! The hand made packaging and elegant design of the sugar almonds was stunning.

Your friendly, thoughtful manner and product knowledge was very helpful to us and we also appreciated your quick service.

I would highly recommend you a hundred times to anyone thinking about bonbonnieres for any event and we wouldn't hesitate to call on your services again. Many thanks and best wishes

Nadine Habba
London W1