Dressing Up Your Gift

When you make your choice of gift please try not to restrict your selection to a nursery line or religious lines etc, this is simply because dressing up a gift is what personalises the occasion; so give yourself a wider choice of giftware and let us take care of the rest.

For example you could choose a compact mirror for your baby shower. Its not a baby gift, but, we will dress it up with babyish accessories to give it the right look. After all, you are offering these gifts to your lady friends and not to children, hence, you would want them to make use of your gift.

On this site, not all gifts are dressed as we do not wish to expose our entire portfolio. Nevertheless, we have displayed a fair number of bonbonnieres for your information. Once you choose a gift and make the 60% down payment we will be delighted to dress up the gift for your approval. We will go that extra mile to give you the look you are dreaming of.

As for packaging and presentation, we offer a large selection of boxes and can custom package your gift, if needed.