What is a Bonbonniere

BONBONNIERES are personalised gifts which hosts give to their guests as a memento of a special day. In the UK people refer to them as FAVOURS or sometimes WEDDING SOUVENIRS. The gesture of giving out bonbonnieres is a tradition which goes way back amongst Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures. It has now been introduced in Britain where more and more people are adding it to their shopping basket.

The product is made with fabric, flowers, and elegant accessories. Five sugared almonds are usually attached. The five almonds represent each of : health, wealth, luck, prosperity and fertility.

To keep up to date with fashion, new designs have been introduced, with fewer sugared almonds or more than the traditional five. Sometimes other types of confectionary are used. We, for example, use sugared pistachios, chocolates and coffee beans besides sugared almonds – It all depends on what looks more suitable for a particular design. In other words the traditions have been put aside to come up with contemporary designs, like everything else nowadays.

It has been the trend for many years now to attach a gift to a bonbonniere.

Amongst our range we have introduced a large number of gift ideas which are not only souvenirs, but are in fact, gifts which people can make use of.

A BONBONNIERE is classified as very important to many brides & grooms. I have known some Italian & Greek brides who started looking for their bonbonnieres before their wedding dress. It is the only item which family and friends get to keep of the big day, whereas, the bride & groom themselves can refer back to their wedding memories through their pictures & DVDs. The same applies to all other events besides weddings.

We hold designs & colours to suit all occasions amongst which are Weddings, Births, Christenings, First Holy Communions, Anniversaries, Charity Events, Birthdays, memorials and Business Functions.