About Noelli's

Wedding & Event Organiser

The business was launched by myself, Shereen, in 1991. I started the business with no more than five bonbonniere samples which I carried in a small box to friends and relatives. Due to my attention to detail in designing and making the products, I managed to gain my first few client's trust and admiration. That’s when the marketing network started.

Following that I started attaching a small label to each product I made for weddings, christenings and other occasions. As guests admired the gifts and the bonbonnieres, they kept the number on the label for future reference. Soon we, at Noelli’s, became known as specialists in the design and production of bonbonnieres as I took so much pride in each design and we grew to offer hundreds of different ideas for clients choice.

I treated each client equally special whether their order was the biggest or the smallest. That’s how I built a large and loyal clientele.

I am proud to have expanded the company into events management 12 years ago. We have so far organised a large number of functions, amongst which are charity galas where Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Mrs Cherie Booth Blair QC & the Late Rt. Hon Mr Robin Cook were guests of honour. And most recently we organised a gala where The Rt.Hon. Mr Nick Clegg MP was the star of the evening. We are currently working hard to finalise the wedding of a luminary figure which we hope to turn into a fairy tale that most guests will remember for a long time.

We do remain a small company in comparison to some other multinational establishments. Nevertheless there is a good side to this, as we will always be able to treat you as a special client and give you the individual attention you deserve. By using one of our dedicated organisers you will never have to go through your requirements with more than one person. “It is indeed a personal service we offer our clients”.

Why the name Noelli’s? you may be wondering! Well, it was my belated mother’s name, she was a successful business woman and a figure remembered by many; she was given the name as she was born on Christmas Eve. I take great pride in naming the company after her.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the history of the company and we assure you, as a potential customer, of our best attention at all times.